Thank you pro1816 <> for your submission to JudahNation™ Radio. We are excited to begin helping you promote your music on our station.
It is our goal to provide a worldwide media outlet for Indie Christian Artists from any genre to showcase their ministry. Our plans to gain you exposure and increase opportunities to grow in your gifting and also prayerfully in your album sales is a great task, but we are ready for the task at hand.
Our team will review each track and if your track passes our submission guidelines, your music will be added to the station right away. Below are a list of guidlines to which your track(s) would not be accepted and can be corrected and resubmitted if necessary:

  • Copyrighted Songs – Due to licensing you must be the legal owner of your music unless your music is being marketed on a projected that is considered a mixtape.
  • Low Volume – A great deal of listeners will be listening on a phone or a computer and varying volumes effect the retention of our listeners.
  • Missing Metatags – If you submit a track with no metatag data, the Artist Name, Song Title, and album info will not Tweet correctly to our twitter account.( is a useful free tool)
  • Content – We won’t be “theology” professors when listening for submissions, but if your song states Jesus rode a camel to the 7-11 and bought some hot dogs… might not hear your song on the station
  • Profanity – No explanation is needed for this.

If your track meets all of these requirement, your track can be added within 24 hours of submission.
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Ways you can promote yourself on our station.

Upcoming features:

  • Weekly Artist Features and Interviews. – UPDATED INFO: LINK for ARCHIVE: HERE
  • More live DJs (we are interviewing now)
  • Email Marketing. (which you are being tested on now)
  • Pre-Recored Show submissions up to 30 minutes (looking for quality material for our listners)
  • Full Label Artsit features – We can play as much as 30 minutes of music from one Label (contact for more info)
  • Genre Specific features such as “OutthaTrunk” Hip Hop Hour and Worship Hour (just suggestions)

Thank you for your support…… #KingdomBiz
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