Do you need an album reviewed?



The JudahNation™ Radio team is now taking submissions for album review. Criteria are listed below:

You must submit a download link of the ENTIRE album
Tracks should contain Album art or CD cover artwork must be emailed.
All info must be filled out in the form including release date, label and all contact information

What you need to know before you submit an album for review.

  Reviews can take up to two weeks.
•  Our team will listen to your album in a recording studio on Studio Monitors.
  Our team will listen to your album with headphones.
  We will be encouraging, but completely honest.
  We will not post the review until you’ve READ & AGREED to allow us to release the review.

An album review is a great way to get a second pair of ears outside of your normal team to give constructive feedback. It could also be used to help promote your release and assist you in marketing your product to your supporters and followers on social media.

Click here to submit your album for review!

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