Looking at the EP Artwork, we were thinking ” wow, this is probably gonna be an interesting EP”.  We’ve seen alot of CHH take a political approach or put out an album that has strong racial connotations that almost put the Gospel message on the back burner.  The artwork sometimes gives us a strong indication of what kind of music we are going to listen to. But sure enough, for the second time this week, the artists have proved us wrong! The Mountaintop EP sounds really good to us. The mixing and mastering are pretty good, normally we reserve giving any technical critiques as we are just a small time station. In this case we universally have one critique: just a tad bit louder on the vocals please.

The EP starts with a solid track, “The Climb”.  Everything, instrumental wise sounds like a quality produced track that has a very good melody. It’s one of those “nod ya head” type tracks, which is very good to hear in CHH.  Shyne on Me has a simliar vocal sound to Tone Spain out of Philadelphia. (Google that.) There is a great vocal delivery, and the lyrical composition harmonizes with the music well.
The title track is up next “The Mountaintop”. This track begins to display some very clever and unique lyrical content. “I know they wanna stop my movement, some like freeze tag”; that line was a classic throwback reference to our childhood moment that literally “froze” us in thought thinking about those moments as a kid where we were waiting for someone to “unfreeze me”: brilliant!  Next up was the banging, “Soul Searchin”. The intro was for lack of a better word, beautiful.  Lots of CHH is predictable and when the beat came in, it came in powerfully. Something we like in songs is some diversity and having a soft intro, with a heavy beat drop is a personal favorite of ours.
The EP picks up signficantly with the deep, and touching “Broken Homes”.  There was an overwhelming feeling of brokenness listening to the lyrics. I also think the beat and the lyrics are just perfect together. Everything in this track seemed to blend well, and fit in the right place. This track was easily one of our personal faves.
Lyrically and production wise, this track was one of the strongest on the EP. American’t is a track you would turn up to listen to the music in order to hear the powerful lyrics.  The addition of a solid vocal presence really gave the EP a solid balance and musical presence.  Clever lyrics such as “we gotta stand together yall, I’m working on the choreography” and “I don’t really trust politicians, said we need to get em out of here ,They force them to step down, something like a fire-drill” really communicated a clear thought without becoming so focused on the issue at hand that you could not hear the emcees heart.
We always have one or two tracks that get the infamous “on repeat” moniker, and the last track Freedom Fighter gets that distinction. We are all singers, musicians, producers, and DJs so anytime we get a track like this and we look up and we see nothing but smiles come across our faces, we know we’ve hit the “review jackpot”!  The musicality of the track was on another level from the rest of the EP.
Overall, this EP was a solid album.  CHH is flooded with a ton of good artists and so it’s hard to say if Shyne on Me would be an artists you would put in rotation due to the amount of emcees available on the market. We recommend downloading this project as it has solid lyrics, good production and some great songs to listen to.
Genre: CHH
Album Length: 7 Songs EP
Favorite Track (s): American’t, Freedom Fighter
Artists Info:Shyne on Me
Twitter: @Shyne_on_meDC

JudahNation Radio Review team