Two words describes this album: Diverse and Versatile
Upon looking at the bright colored artwork and elegant looking photography, in our email, we expected to be reviewing somewhat of a heavily urban contemporary album.
After spending several minutes listening to the album we were pleasantly surprised and completely wrong with our quick assessment. We get so many submissions in a week’s time that we are most times able to sort the genres of the submissions by the CD cover artwork. We won’t make that mistake again.

Carla Martin - One WordThe album begins with a wonderfully written song You are God that begins with an awesome drum fill and high energy intro.  The music and vocals on the first track are of such a level, it’s hard to believe that the artist has not already been signed to a major label.
Track #2 , “I am”, continues down the same high energy and instrument heavy pattern, except this time the song takes a detour with a pleasantly balanced rock feel. The track has a hint of Gospel in some of the background arrangements and chord structure (30 year musician typing here).
Track #3 takes yet another turn into another pop, house, fusion, possibly international sounding tune called “Surrender”. The arrangement is unique and very well produced.  (And we still hear the Urban/Gospel overtone in the chord structure- I am still a musician at heart)  🙂
Tracks #4 – #6 are clearly the height of the album for us.  We begin to get to the real meat of the album.  “Come In” presents such an intense moment of worship, that it’s hard to listen to this song without pressing repeat to listen to this wonderful worship melody.  The production, while seemingly reducing down to a bare minimum, actually puts the voice of Carla Martin right at the forefront of the track.  The simplistic form of the song and strong lyrical content make this song an easy candidate to be taught to any worship team looking for a song that will spark and intiate worship.  “In the Room” and “Holy” continue on with strong lyrical content, intense worship and great production.  The longer the CD plays, the more you become involved in a great project created by Carla Martin.
The rest of the CD continues to flow with a range of the diverse songs ranging from ballady (yes we made that up) “Turning back to You” to the mid-tempoed semi-calypso influenced “Nail Scarred”.
Track #11, “Good” is STUCK ON REPEAT for us!!!!  Carla Martin knocked it out the park with this song; great arrangement, strong vocals, solid production and the musicality of the song just had us head nodding and smiling through the entire vamp.
Overall we were very pleased with this LP.  One thing that we noticed about the content is that it was very theologically strong and Biblically sound.  There weren’t alot of fluffy feel good lyrics and cliches. The album was filled with solid lyrical content from beginning to end was a very solid album.
Genre: Worship, Urban Contemporary, CCM, Rock
Album Length: 11 Songs LP
Favorite Track (s):  Come In, Good
Artists Info: Carla Martin
Twitter: @mrscarlamartin
Facebook: carlamartinsmusic

JudahNation Radio Review team