John Henderson – The Light Ep is one to listen and pay close attention to.  With a voice for this generation and generations to come; He already ministers with great lyrical clarity like that of  Chris Tomlin, while revealing a rock signature resembling that of 3rd Day.

wpid-10462521_1395390557350072_8778282541416361471_n.jpgThis intimate power packed album, leaves the listener submerged in calm melodic vocals that explode with sincere declarative songs of worship revealing a picture of a steadily growing relationship with the Father that is ever changing becoming more intense with each step made towards HIM.
More than just empty words,  no area is left unturned as  each song builds a connective bridge  that leaves the listener open and transparent as deep expressions of the heart are exposed to the light of God’s goodness and glory, even in moments of despair and uncertainty.
Sonically the first two songs trick you into believing this will be a familiar sounding CCM release with monotonous guitar chords and trance-like worship melodies.  But the longer you listen, you are drawn into an intense sense of purposeful authentic worship. The opening songs Light, and Strong in Us take the believer on an amazing journey of what it’s like to be transferred from Satan’s grip to a place of total surrender to the Father where one realizes their new place of victory.
Thought provoking  lyrics carefully expressing  sincerity with an edge and fire that consumes the listener through the style of a live Rock concert hall feel! Lifted High simply expresses the desire for Christ to be the center of everything in life while Fire Fall is the crowning jewel of the album! It is the ultimate cry of every believer who realizes their need to be more like Jesus. With this soul stirring chant for transformation, which can only come from  crying for the Fire of God to fall… One will be left crying out “Kingdom Come, Will be done, on earth like Heaven!” (At one point during our normal work day, this song came on and the entire staff was engaged in worship during the chorus!)
And finally after the cry of the heart is heard and filled, we can stand back and cry it’s Amazing! The work that GOD brings to pass in our lives is nothing short of amazing when we realize He’s ever changing us from glory to glory. If you’re ready for a new life soundtrack  DOWNLOAD this album today! You will not be disappointed.
Genre: CCM, Rock, Worship
Album Length: 5 Songs EP
Favorite Track (s):  Fire Fall
Artists Info: John Henderson
Twitter: @allofustogether
JudahNation Radio Review team