Southern Junkies-23Next up was the socially conscious and very enlightening Nomis.  He hit the stage with an awesome thought provoking acapella challenging the crowd to look beyond the norm when it comes to loving your neighbor. He then proceeded to rock the crowd with a very head nodding set.  The thought provoking “spit-fire” lyrics coming from Nomis were a pleasant addition to the entire show as every possible type of CHH was being represented through the opening acts.   Crowd was showing no signs of letting up or losing energy. The build up was continuous the entire night.


Next up was Collision Record’s  Alex Faith and he literally smashed his set.  One of ATL’s finest immediately interacted with the crowd and gave plain instructions on what was about to happen: It was about to get REAL.  The crowd was nonstop jumping, waving hands, clapping on every beat they could find (inside joke) and singing every chorus they could remember. Faith’s performance really kept elevating the energy in the concert.  His production, flow, and set was pretty much flawless.  He seemed to know how to get the crowd hyped at the right time.  The bass was hitting in his tracks, the flow was monstrous, the crowd was giving just as much as Alex Faith was giving and it just set the stage for the final act._____________________________________________________________

And then there was the Dream Junkies ……………………………… (that was our pause for effect). What a set.  Beleaf, John Givez & Ruslan are simply a great compliment to each other. They all possess their own style and their own ability to carry the stage individually but collectively, it’s just way more intense. Beleaf set the stage by actually making an appearance during Alex Faith’s set and lyrically just abusing the beat on his verse. (crisp precise lyrical execution).   John Givez carried his own weight with a Jazzy intro and incredible lyrics and vocal ability.  He went from the East Side to the West Side all in one set and it was well received mainly because almost everyone in the building was off key singing the chorus to all of his songs.  Ruslan equally impressive demonstrated his ability to handle the mic and the crowd by freestyling off the top with items posted to him by the crowd.  Each set was an amazing performance, but together was just unbelievable.  The highlight of the concert comes when…well just watch till the end of this video:

All in all this has to be one of the best concerts we’ve helped put on. Shout out to BattleGround City for coming up from Tucson and assisting us with working the event. Also a big up to the Way Brand for sponsoring the tour and allowing us to be apart of a great atmosphere and CHH experience. A big shoutout to the staff of the The A.R.C. and Cre8tiv Studios for providing the photography and media.  Until next time…….

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