What a night. The Dream Junkies and Alex Faith capped off their Southern Junkies tour with a finale concert at the A.R.C. here in Phoenix, AZ.  For those unfamiliar with the venue, it’s home to JudahNation™ Radio and also a staple in the city for Christian Hip Hop.  Having hosted such artists as Da T.R.U.T.H., Social Club, JGivens, Foreknown, an appearance by Propaganda and a host of other local artists, the A.R.C. in Phoenix, AZ has a history of putting on solid Christian Hip Hop shows and events.

This night would be no different.
Southern Junkies-13The show began with a solid performance by the show’s host and Phoenix’s own Jordan Taylor.  Jordan a former member of the label iSix5, started the night off right. With his unique flow and boom bap production, he started the night off with what can only can be considered classic hip hop;  bars and beats.  The crowd quickly caught on to his catch phrase “Phoenix out the ashes something out of nothing.” (Way to rep the city)  He closed his set with his smash single “Modern Day Moses” available for download on Noistrade.  Crowd gave their appreciation by continually chanting the hook of Jordan’s music.  We are continuing to look forward to great things from Jordan in the future.


Southern Junkies-16Next up was newcomer Brent Cimino.  Now if you don’t know Brent, spit fire before the performance, you figured it out by the time he was done.  With his modest appearance and humble attitude only two words can describe Brent’s stage performance:  TURNT UP!  Brent started with a track that most of us could identify with: “I know that you don’t know me”.  To be honest we didn’t, but his energy, style of music, stage presence and all out “go hardedness” (we made that word up) kept the crowd involved.  Cimino is an artist you need to be on the lookout for.


Southern Junkies-20Davis Absolute then graced the staged with another solid opening act. For those that are unfamiliar with Davis, he’s been on his grind for a few years with almost four projects to his belt.  Named as Rapzilla’s Freshmen 15 for 2015, he has a promising future in CHH having already amassed a huge following.  The semi down south, trap beats keep you at attention while he literally eats up every beat with solid content filled lyrics.  Davis hit the crowd, quick fast, and strong and then thanked the crowd for their support and kept the concert moving.

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